Continental Congress 2009 – LIVE!

Continental Congress 2009 – LIVE!

This is an historical event of a very significant magnitude.  America has not held a CC in 220 years!   We the People are in the process, as I write this, of righting all of the wrongs that our government has inflicted upon our Constitution and restoring our Constitutional Republic.  If you care about your country please get the word out there!

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  1. All that work and then the lawyers get a hold of it and water the whole thing down. There is no teeth to this project.

  2. @GreatScott — On the bright side, we are better off than we were. Will it effect the change that America so desperately needs? That is the question. We the People are the teeth and the claws. We must stand together and make it happen. We are what makes America America and ultimately in boils down to us not a group of individuals and a piece of paper, but We the People standing together and refusing to back down. That is a force that truly cannot be stopped…

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