The Philosophy of Liberty

Founding FathersI have not been around for a while for various reasons, but I found some great material for you to think about. This will help answer if you are for “Freedom” or not.

The Philosophy of Liberty is based on the principle of self-ownership.  You own your life.  To deny this, is to imply that another person has a higher claim on your life than you do.  No other person, or groups of persons owns your life, nor do you own the lives of others  .

You exist in time: past, present, and future.  This is manifest in life, liberty, and the product of your life and liberty.  To lose your life is to your future.  To lose your liberty is to lose your present.  And to lose the product of your life and liberty is to lose that portion of your past that produced it.

The product of your life and liberty is your property.  Property is the fruit of your labor, the product of your time, energy, and talent.  Property is that part of Nature which you turn to valuable use.

Property is the property of others that is given to you by voluntary exchange and mutual consent.  Two people who exchange property are both better off or they wouldn’t do it.  Only they may rightfully make that decision for themselves.

At times, some people use force or fraud to take from others without volunatry consent.  The initiation of force of fraud: to take life is murder, to take liberty is slavery, and to take property is theft.

It is the same whether these actions are done by one person acting alone, by the many acting against the few, or even by finely dressed officials.

You have the right to protect your own life, liberty, and justly acquired property from the forceful aggression of others.    And you may ask others to help defend you.

But you do not have the right to initiate force against the life, liberty, and property of others.  Thus, you have no right to designate some person to initiate force against others on your behalf.

You have the right to seek leaders for yourself, but you have no right to impose rulers onto others.  No matter how leaders are elected, they are only human beings and they have no rights or claims that are higher than those of other human beings, regardless of the imaginative labels for their behavior, or the number of people encouraging them.

Officials have no right to murder, to enslave, to steal.  You cannot give them any rights you do not have yourself.

Since you own your life, you are responsible for your life.  You do not rent your life from others who demand obedience.  Nor are you a slave to others who demand your sacrifice.


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