Is it time for Civil Disobedience yet?

I’m sorry people, but we’re probably never going to be able to “educate” enough of the American population to vote out all of the bad guys and put in all of the good guys to get us back to Constitutional Government. That is pie in the sky, wishful thinking.


Now, while I love the idea of educating our fellow citizens, I believe that isn’t enough. It’s going to take some real brave action on our part. I’m not advocating violence, but instead peaceful resistance.

The problem is that we’re still thinking old school. We’re still playing by the establishment’s rules. We need to start playing by OUR rules and live like free individuals, to hell with the consequences.

There are enough hardcore Paulites/libertarians/Constutionalists/Anarchists to get our way. They cannot arrest all of us, and the more we disobey, the more people we’ll get to disobey with us.

We’ve got the greatest tool the freedom movement could every hope for; the internet. Let’s start utilizing it for real and get serious! I wish Michael would put this up on the front page. We, as a community, need to have a real solid discussion about Civil Disobedience, and how to execute it. I believe we can do it. I believe we must do it. And I believe the better coordinated we are, the more effective it will be.

You know in your heart it is going to get ugly. You know it’s not going to be easy. But when has fighting for freedom ever been easy?

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